Monday, August 9, 2010

What Makes Up Your Pucker Up? Its Shiny and Sticky...

And Goes On Your Lips. Don't You Want To Know What Is In It?

First take a little Castor Oil or Mineral Oil for emollient texture
Then Colorants like Iron Oxides
and Titanium Dioxide
Micas for that pearlescent shine
Synthetic Preservatives used to prolong the shelf life
Carmine taken from carminic acid produced by the cochineal insect
Animal Fat and
Animal Tissue for that smooth texture

Don't totally freak out I didn't say all this to scare you ( I mean I'm sure you have been using it for years) But all the chemicals we use on our surface do make it's way to our blood stream so something to think about. They do make organic lip glosses made from plants as well ;)

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