Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pass It On

I totally love these ads, so inspirational!!!

Photoshop is a bitch...Real Crystal Renn Photo

It's White. It's Black. Essence Hires a White Fashion Editor

I'm Kinda torn hearing about this because on one side I feel who ever is best for the job is best for the job. Should we even have a magazine dedicated to just one race anyway. Then I remember what the magazine racks look like and how almost every single cover is a not a non white person, how most beauty articles aren't meant for me, and how in the editorial of most I don't see anyone who looks like my family and I remember oh there is a reason there is a magazine dedicated to black women. A magazine that celebrates black women's beauty and accomplishments. And looking on the behind the scenes world of the magazine there are a lot,
a lot less black women holding positions of power. So is it bad that I feel sort of not so great about the fact that a black magazine hired a white fashion director. Hmm. I still don't know how I feel...because would people be up in arms if she was Latina? Still thinking out my thoughts just wanted to share with you what I thought so Far

I haven't even watched the video yet... So I'm sure I will have more to say. What Do You Think?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DiLi Graphic T Shirts!!! Check out the store!!!

Summer 2010 Graphic Tee Photo Shoot...Yea We Live Dangerously!

We had a two part shoot for our graphic tee collection. These were shot on train tracks in the West Loop of Chicago. We had to hop off the tracks more than once, there were almost a couple of falls, and we got a little dirty but we had a blast and pics turned out awesome.

There was awesome team work! Special thanks to:
Photographer Jeremy Franklin contact at

Make up artist Amber check out her awesome youtube channel

Last but for sure not least our models:

Check out the website for more shots :)

Living the DiLi Life

Lookie here rockin DiLi Denim Fringe Earrings @
The got milk? Mustache Mobile Tour

GOT MILK Mustache Campaign Albany NY Crossgates Mall TRUMOO Garelick Farms INC.
A dean Foods Company Dallas Texas 75204
Chris Milian Photographer
to check out better pics go to

Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Chris Brown....I dig!!!!!

Chris Brown Deuces
We all make mistakes, just make sure that you have gotten the help you need so it wont happen again. I always liked Chris Brown he is super the new joint!!!!

"She' Mine...So I Love Her!"

Working in retail I hear a lot of women complain. "Oh this is too big. I wish those were bigger, and this is too small" Not discussing the clothing but disappointment in their bodies. It doesn't stop there skin, hair and overall beauty included. I know sometimes we can be our own worst critic but constantly complaining is not the way to deal. Putting yourself down does not make you feel better and probably makes the people around you feel awkward too. Hey we are human we have flaws I get it. And it's not the easiest thing to change your way of thinking right away (I'm still working on it) but you have to start somewhere. My new motto is "She's mine so I love her" Flaws and all be happy, and love yourself. Life is way to short to be down about something. You don't want to look back years from now and remember how you didn't appreciate and love your self and body. If it is something you are truly unhappy with get off your hind parts and change it. No one can do it for you but you, and please don't do it for anyone else but you!

I love these Dove ads. I have to admit when I first saw them I was a little taken back. Only because my media eye had been train to only see certain things. Now I really appreciate the concept.

There are many body and variations. Find yours and look up tips to help you feel like your best self.
No matter your body type there are always ways to dress your self up fashionably and feel confident and sexy (does not mean skin tight and cleavage)

DiLi from time to time will offer fashion, beauty, and health tips for every body, skin, and lifestyle
(well as much as we can lol)

If you really can't stand it CHANGE IT!
We weren't made to look the same, we all vary in shapes, sizes, complexions ect.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tying the Knot ???

Chloe Dao
White House Black Market
The Limited
David's Bridal
J Crew
Align CenterChloe and Reese
Modern Dresses for the Modern Bride.

DiLi does not believe in traditional anything, when it comes to weddings there is no exception, that is why we were happy to see the selection of wedding dresses today!!!!
If you ask me...Im ready