Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to eat your way to beautiful skin ;)

5 Foods for ya!

1. Strawberries Yum! Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles and age related dryness. Also is essential for collagen production for firm skin. *red bell peppers, oranges, broccoli, and papaya are also great.
2. Coffee can lower your risk for skin cancer (not decaf) The caffeine basically it kills off precancerous cells and ultraviolet -damaged skin cells *caffeine tea as well

3. Edamame helps preserve skin firming collagen. (it starts to decline in our twenties folks)

4. Salmon the
big helper. Helps preserve collagen, protects against free radicals, prevents skin cancer, keeps you looking young and just a kicker good for your heart too!
5. Tomatoes the summer saver. Will protect you skin from sunburn and UV damage. As well helps for smoother skin. *Carrots, watermelon and grapefruit too

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