Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dont Like Freestyle

Leah Sew Amanda Freestyling...just having the DiLi Life you know how we do!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Outerwear Must Haves!!!! To Kick That Chill In The Air

It is definitely starting to feel like fall outside...
at least for now (midwest weather) So too keep toasty and still say fly don't go for winter coats yet keep it cute with these not so basic must haves. 

1) The Denim Jacket: This one is printed but the classic blue or black will work

2) The Leather Jacket: A hot blue asymmetrical zip moto jacket is hot. I will be rocking my black aviator but choose what works for you.

3) The Blazer: It's great to add a little sophistication even when rocking jeans. Whether printed or solid  or tailored or boyfriend fit wear it with confidence.

4) The Fur Vest: Great choice to add that fashion flair that not everyone will have. It will make that date outfit extra sexy or those jeans stand out.

5) The Cardigan: Perfect for that grab and go outerwear piece. It's not winter yet LOL.

6) The Trench: Fashionista favorite! If your'e going long don't disappoint me make sure you rock it with heels to give you that long lean look and sashay honey. 

Outerwear Must Haves!!!!

Biore Pore Strips: Fab Item!!!!!
The price of the strips are $6.00...No one wants to see the actual process or strip afterwards because that is not Di would say....gotta preserve the sexy!!!!! The scrub is $6.00 as well. You should not use the scrub everyday just when you want a deep cleaning!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprised by this cute message from Cuz and DiLi Supporter Precious :D

Thanks to your blog I try color lip gloss and love it!!! Thanks for encouragement!!! MUAH!!!
*Living in my Freedom*
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Pink and Pepper: Cute Shoes and Nice On The Pockets

An illustration of the Pink & Pepper girls themselves 

I came across this in a magazine and looked so cute the site is nice but you can only look not buy. to purchase you can hit up Macy's,, Alloy and a couple of others.

Somebody You Need To Know About : J. Frank

In the biz of fashion it helps tremendously to know talented individuals and here is one you need to know:
 J. Frank

Jeremy has put up with us on several photo shoots and he is definitely our go to person if his busy schedules allows so try to catch him if you can his work is hot!!!


Way more awesome photography on the website, and not just that  film as well. If you need a photographer or film maker you have to hit up our boy Jeremy. He's creative, and does spectacular work! Contact him through the website and make it happen!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

D.I.Y. Embellished Collar!!!!! Fun..Easy...FUN!!!!
                             And duh....its called a seam ripper!!!! I told you...the brain is crazy!!!

What Is It About Red Lipstick?

Red lipstick is famous, iconic and sexy. I wore red lipstick yesterday and this lady stopped me and said" Wow that color looks so good on you. Not everyone can pull it off not even me" I said thanks but as I walked away I thought about it like hold on a second there is surely a shade of the va va voom color for everyone. There really is go to the cosmetic counter or even any cosmetic aisle in a drug store and there are infinite shades with price points from $5 to $50. When I was first introduced to the glam color I had some help my fabulous fashionista step mother suggested the right one she said "Oooh Pumpkin with your complexion go to the store and get Revlon 'Fire & Ice' it will be perfect" And what do you know it most certainly was. Whenever I want to feel extra sexy for my man, or add a little pop to a basic outfit, or even just spice up a normal day I grab my "Fire & Ice" and it totally completes the look. For some women I think it represents power, boldness, sexiness, classic style. But the fellas certainly adore it as well. Its that Color that stops traffic in a good way. Don't be afraid just go with it and try a shade :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Color Block Heels...AWESOME. Use your creativity!

 Platform color block heels are high and were supper hot this season. 

On ISPYDIY (this girl is awesome!!!!) shows how easy it is to create them yourself.  

Use :
ScotchBlue Painter's Tape                 
 acrylic paint

And for fall try the same technique on last seasons stacked leather booties When do we not love new shoes!