Thursday, August 5, 2010

Relaxed vs Natural: My Personal Story

Of course things were easier at this age, Everything! No worries especially with hair. I had this little fuzz of hair forever they thought it would never grow LOL.

But it did. Thanks to my mother (hairstylist), lots of braids, and no creamy crack on my underaged scalp.
I vividly remember spending 8-10 hrs getting my hair braided, (it was a lot of hair)

And it kept growing... It grew into something thick and lovely. I remember the day I took this picture for the 8th grade year book. That morning was the first time my mother (the hair stylist) made me blow dry my own hair. I had never realize just how much hair I had until that day. Or how long and tiring the process was. It was not until my senior year of high school that I had straightened my own hair using a flat iron. It was a mess, and right before a valentines date of course LoL. I hadn't quite grasp the concept of how to manage my hair.
For 22 years I had natural hair. By the 2nd year of college I was something like a pro. I was able to wash, blow dry and straighten my hair. I had even worked up the skill to do a few simple styles. But for sure it has always been a process, a very long process. Dealing with so much hair on my head. Don't get me wrong I was blessed, I love how healthy and thick my hair was. But keeping it straight was such a task. After spending hours doing my hair only to have a short sweat take away all my hard work. Man! And humidity was the worst. I definitely became queen of buns, and scarves using those as alternatives to re straightening my hair.


And the fro memory lane... :D

Through out college I definitely played around with different hair styles. I would often express myself and creativity with my hair. And please believe although I got compliments not everyone loved it. Even those closest to me would question my hair choices. But being the person I am (gemini) I like to change it up, and don't care about others opinions (sometimes harsh) If I like it thats all that matters. It was versatile, different, and I loved it.

But along with graduating from college I became more and more of an adult in many ways. I'm talking upgrade! Thanks to this excellent job I have landed. But I also have to look the part. Polished exec type.
Now in No Way am I saying in order to be an executive you have to have a tame look. Well, ok I am saying that (at least for my company) but I do not believe that this is how it should be. But hey sometimes in order to play the game you have to follow the rules, so you can CHANGE the rules. And trust and believe for DiLi and any other company I begin fros, tattoos, piercings, and unique styles (still totally have to be qualified though), and even straight laced and plain Janes with awesome personalities will be welcomed.

Of course I could have stayed natural and kept going through the process of straightening my hair without chemicals. But I really wanted to try something new, and have a much more manageable look. I'm not saying natural is better or relaxed is better because I know plenty of women who rock both. I have also gotten many opinions and talked to hair care professionals, it is really up to the person and which ever route they want to take. For now this is mine and we shall see where my story goes from here :)


  1. Well Missy-poo, this has been an interesting journey. I'm glad you lasted as long as you did with au-naturel. I don't remember the 8-10 hrs of hair braiding....although you rocked some fresh ass braided styles. I am happy as long as you enjoy!!!!

    Love you,


  2. are you kidding me when i would be at tasha's thats how long it would take. remember i would just end up being there overnight c'mon!