Friday, August 6, 2010

Home Decor :)

Home is where the heart is....There is no place like home...
You can always go home...Home sweet home.

If all of these are true you definitely need a home that is true to your personality and style. As a youngin I had to go along with my parents interior style (although lovely), as a college student I kinda had to fall in line w/ my roomie's taste (duck bathroom quack quack). But now moving on up in the world I finally get to decorate my home with a look more fitting to me,
The Dee'Va!
So of course since is this the DiLi life I wanted to share with you all a couple of ideas I have for my place.

I truly love ethnic inspired decor. I don't think it should ever be to literal. For my living room and kitchen I will have an Arabian inspired room.

Complete with huge floor and beaded pillows
and magenta
and purple accents

For my bathroom I have to embrace the fierceness in me with a little leopard. Anyone who really knows me (or just looks through my fb pics lol) knows I love leopard print. I guess because were both spotted ;) Once again when dealing with prints especially leopard (because it can for sure get a little tacky) don't go over board, accenting with pops of color will compliment the room.
For my boudoir a little Old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist will work for me.
Using black and white with red accents.

Please pass along any tips on great finds
It will all come together. I'l post pics when complete :)

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