Friday, August 27, 2010


Working in retail you hear women complain about their bodies a lot...A LOT. Sad but true. Anyway whats worse than that is the number of women who are in
DENIAL about there size.

I had a client return a size 10 jean, complaining they were too tight, and she needed a size 12. As soon as I pulled out the size 12 without hesitation she yelled no that's too big! I decided to show her a couple of different 12s, without trying them on (although 10 was too small) she felt all of them"looked to big" hmm....

How do you feel about "happy sizes" where brands generously label clothing. Is this necessary?

I witnessed a client today frustrated because she was looking for something to fit her body,the associate asked her politely what size are you? She said 16-18. The associate explained to her in this department we go to a size 16 but we have a "women's department" although the associate said it in the nicest way possible the lady really got offended and quickly said "I don't wear women's sizes!" She was so hung up on her size it was no longer about the actual clothing.
I totally understand the worry women have with clothing not fitting appropriately but choosing your clothing based on the size tag versus the way they actually fit is a very backwards approach. Choose your clothing based on fit, and the silhouette appropriate for your body type :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doing it the DiLi Way

Rockin Locx and Frexx tee,
and happy as can be look at that smile!
Do you see how awesome our DiLi supporters are!
Staging a RuNnInG wItH sCiSsOrS photo shoot.
How perfect :D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She wears DiLi.......Do you???

Send us your pictures of you wearing DiLi......End of Summer Sale coming soon!!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

pssst...I got a secret

So on my reading agenda at the moment is the book by Napoleon Hill Your Magic Power To Be Rich

Napoleon Hill's 14 Secrets to Success

1. I render more service than I ask people to pay for.

2. I engage in no transaction, intentionally, that does not benefit all whom it affects.

3. I make no statements that I do not believe to be true.

4. I have a sincere desire in my heart to be of useful service to the greatest possible number of people.

5. I like people better than I like money.

6. I am doing my best to live, as well as to reach , my own philosophy of success.

7. I accept no favors from anyone without giving favors in return.

8. I ask nothing of any person without having a right to that for which I have asked for.

9. I enter into no argument with people of trivial matters.

10. I spread the sunshine of optimism and good cheer wherever and whenever I can.

11. I never flatter people for the purpose of gaining their confidence.

12. I sell counsel and advice to other people, at a modest price, but never offer free advice.

13. While teaching others how to achieve success, I have demonstrated that I can make my philosophy work for myself as well, thus "practicing what I preach"

14. I am so thoroughly sold on the work in which I am engaged that my enthusiasm over it becomes contagious and others are influenced by it.

-From The Magic Ladder to Success

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Everybody's doing it!


New Balance
You can even get them at Payless...

and Walmart
So there are athletic shoes everywhere. Making the promise to tone your booty and thighs with every step.
But it makes you wonder

I remember the first time I heard of a fitness shoe. It was the Fit Flop. My cousin told me she just bought a pair and was so exicited. I was torn between wanting the promise they offered, but not liking the style of the shoe. She did tell me that her legs were actually sore the first couple of days, from the shoes but in a no pain no gain kinda way. Hmmm it sounded kind of like the same effect heels can give your calfs. That was at lest 3 or 4 years ago. And now today not only fitness flops but toning gym shoes are everywhere. We shall see where this trend goes next.

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