Monday, June 7, 2010

What to do? A graduates life choices... msg to the 2010 Graduates

DiLi is apart of the Graduating Class of 2010 from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago.
As most graduates feel upon completion from college we are ecstatic! Really we are thrilled to have gotten through it. There were some awesome times, a few awful ones (usually due to it's the truth) Now with this degree a huge sense of accomplishment is felt, but sometimes that overwhelming feeling of NOW WHAT?!? can creep up. Speaking with former graduates we have come to the realization that it's not just us. For most graduates a decision has to be made after college.
Here our the top 5 paths chosen :
1) Immediately get a job in the work force
2) Become an entrepreneur
3) Attend graduate school
4) Begin a family
5) Join the Peace Corps

Oh and of course the ever popular
of wander through life aimlessly for a while..."trying to find yourself"

DiLi has chosen to take our education, talent, love for what we do, and a little rebellion
to follow our dreams and create our own lifestyle brand. So to all the 2010 graduates, future graduate, recent graduates...well really everyone follow your dreams, make things happen don't let the world overwhelm or frighten you. Don't let others dictate your path and it's never too late to find a dream. Expect bumps in the road but look for the best in the worst of situations.

DiLi at our final portfolio for school...passing this meant we made it!

Check out LiLi in her cap and gown. Sew Awesome!!!!!!

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