Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Sexy Never Left" Style Icon: His Royal Badness


How many men do you know that can wear heels...and still get bad bitches. I don't know he's not my cup of tea (probably something to do with my age) but forever I have heard from women about how sexy Prince is. Hmm... any who I definitely do love his music and admire his individuality and style and any artist who can re name himself about 8 times and still be the ish you have to respect it

Prince is so multi talented !!!

Occupation: Musician, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, songwriter, record producer, actor

Genres: Rock, Funk, R&B, Pop, Alternative, New Wave

Instruments:guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, clavinet, drums, percussion, saxophone, harmonica

Also known as: Prince logo.svg, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (TAFKAP), The Artist, Symbol, His Royal Badness, The Purple One

Gotta Admit he is a bad Mutha Shut Yo Mouth ;)

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  1. Yes Boobie, Prince was the Man back in the day. His hair looked better than most women. Between the choreography, outfits, and mad lyrics he is the ish. A lot of babies were made to his music....."Do me baby" is my jam!!!!