Thursday, June 10, 2010

Go Ga Ga for Graduation? as in the Lady that is

So I'm trying to decide if I will be able to fit in time to make my graduation outfit (June 23rd) although were trying to finish up preparation for our DiLi Trunk Show (June 24th) and our Summer 2010 Accessories Collection and Summer 2010 Edition of Tee's (breather!)

Any who came across what Lady Gaga felt was appropriate for her sister's graduation. Hmm....what do you think?
(image found on


  1. i kinda feel like well damn your already Lady Ga Ga the veil was just more distracting and probably stole the spotlight more...but The pantsuit is HOT :)-Di

  2. I have this outfit in red, so..........should I find something different ?

  3. hahaha ur so silly!!! i guess i'll have to take my back tho