Friday, April 16, 2010

DiLi Photo Shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"So what should we put on the website first?"

"I know right what are we going to put on there in the mean time in between time"

"Oh shit we need to have a photo shoot...not just any photo shoot one that will be funky and crazy as us"

"Yessss I love it!"

"Ok hmm what are we gonna wear?...plain tee's, has to be simple, but DiLi, only got 1 day"

"Well let's give them the literal...were around it every day...Lets drape ourselves in funky fabric!"

"Yesss and where do they have a funky hodge-podge style similar to the way we are...Japanese Street Fashion"

Prequel to our future...all of this will be understood later friends :)

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