Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Is It About Red Lipstick?

Red lipstick is famous, iconic and sexy. I wore red lipstick yesterday and this lady stopped me and said" Wow that color looks so good on you. Not everyone can pull it off not even me" I said thanks but as I walked away I thought about it like hold on a second there is surely a shade of the va va voom color for everyone. There really is go to the cosmetic counter or even any cosmetic aisle in a drug store and there are infinite shades with price points from $5 to $50. When I was first introduced to the glam color I had some help my fabulous fashionista step mother suggested the right one she said "Oooh Pumpkin with your complexion go to the store and get Revlon 'Fire & Ice' it will be perfect" And what do you know it most certainly was. Whenever I want to feel extra sexy for my man, or add a little pop to a basic outfit, or even just spice up a normal day I grab my "Fire & Ice" and it totally completes the look. For some women I think it represents power, boldness, sexiness, classic style. But the fellas certainly adore it as well. Its that Color that stops traffic in a good way. Don't be afraid just go with it and try a shade :)

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