Wednesday, May 26, 2010

B/C Walking bare foot after the club is not sexy... Heres the cute solution!!!

BROADCAST: Footzyrolls Make Killer Heels Bearable [@footzyrolls]

Looking for the perfect summer accessory? Look no further than Footzyrolls ($25), the foldable ballet flats that are making their ways into the purses of Louboutin wearing fashionistas and celebrities everywhere including Kim Kardashian, TinsleyMortimerand Blake Lively.

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A definite must-have, I’ve been obsessing over these cause of how simple, yet chic they are. Better than sneaking flip flops in your already overfilled pocketbook, Footzyrolls come in their own little transportable baggie which fits perfectly in your purses side pocket. Don’t sacrifice beauty for comfort,Footzyrolls are the perfect choice for women everywhere.

Other celebrity fans includeBethenny Frankel, Audrina Patridge, Lake Bell, Mariska Hargitay, Gayle King, and Maria Shriver.

via Fashionindie

Because this look is a NO NO cute :P

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